Dance Date 


Because of my dance background I not only love to design but also love to perform. As an example I participated in Dance Date. Dance Date gives young ambitious dancers the opportunity to get a taste of the professional dance world. After auditions in five regions throughout the Netherlands, a professional choreographer sets to work with the dancers he / she has chosen. The choreographer I worked with was the young up-and-coming choreographer Rutkay özpinar.


About me as a performer 

Not only do I prefer to design for movement performance, but I also really enjoy participating in it myself.

I started dancing from an early age after which I studied at the havo for music and dance at Codarts.  After finishing Codarts I continued my study at the theater academy in Maastricht.  During my study at the academy I looked whether I could participate in projects in addition to school where I could perform. Hence, I participated in Dance date.