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Graduation project, scenography for dance performance Othello. I wanted to use the play as a critique of society that expects us to live up to the social standard. As soon as that is not the case, we start to doubt ourselves

increasing  insecurities. That is why we sometimes adapt. In my opinion, this subject is also very common in the dance world. Which is the reason I wanted to zoom in on the dance society. 

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Schermafbeelding 2021-02-05 om 13.41.45.

About the design 

Dancers are constantly confronted with themselves by mirrors and compare themselves with others.  

I felt this had great similarities with Othello. Because, jealousy and working yourself up plays a big part there as well.

That's why I chose for the scenography to start in a ballet studio. The dancers are constantly confronted with themselves through mirrors and a ballet barre hangs down to give the impression of a ballet studio.

As the piece continues, the space breaks open removing the setting of a ballet studio.  

Because the space breaks open the dancers are not constantly confronted with themselves.

Also, water slowly enters as another form of reflection, however when there is a lot of movement the reflection gets unclear. 

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